Realizations of a Master

As a person wakes up from the “human dream” and approaches the full realization of their enlightenment a lot of things start to come into focus, and a lot of mysteries become clear.

For her last Living Masters radio show on the Awakening Zone Mary Beth Shewan invited me to have a conversation with her about some of the realizations that we have had along our own journeys. It was a beautiful show, and although the Awakening Zone is no longer in service you can listen to the recording right here:

Being a Master When Times Are Tough

I used to think that when I became a master everything would get easy, but as so many are learning that’s not the way it is. Life on Earth was always meant to be challenging, and it still is after you realize your enlightenment and your mastery. However, challenging is not the same as miserable, so how do you live as a master when everything around you is challenging you to your core?

On November 27, 2014, I had the honor of sitting in for Mary Beth Shewan as host of her Living Masters radio show on the Awakening Zone, and that was my topic. I talked withe several guests during the show, including Milan Sekulic, Olivia (who asked me to only use her first name), Christy Gott and Beverly Crane, all of whom are becoming masters in their own right. We had a great conversation and each one shared some valuable stories and tips for how they have managed the tough times in their lives.

The Awakening Zone Radio Network is no longer in service, but you can listen to this show right here:

Self-Love: The Simplest Yet Hardest Thing To Do

Today I was a guest on Mary Beth Shewan’s Living Masters show on Awakening Zone Radio. After some initial technical difficulties we had a great discussion about self-love.

What does it mean to love yourself? Why bother?

Self-love is the path to enlightenment and fulfillment, and the missing piece in having your dreams come true. Self-love is a beautiful concept that’s easy to talk about, but how does one actually do it?

How do you love yourself in everyday life?
How do you love yourself in relationship with others?
How do you love yourself when you don’t feel well?
How do you love yourself when you feel unlovable?
How do you love yourself when you’ve done terrible things?
What are the consequences of not loving yourself?

We had a great conversation about all of this and more, and you can listen right here:

Note: The Awakening Zone Radio Network is no longer in service. For more information about Mary Beth Shewan, visit her website at

New Beginnings

It’s a funny thing what happens when we ignore an important part of our life—it tends to eventually blow up in our face!

I’ve been so busy on my own awakening journey and on taking care of everybody else’s issues that, like the proverbial cobbler who never fixes his own shoes, I didn’t pay enough attention to my own website. Maybe it was because I’ve been changing so fast on the inside I didn’t know what to write, but that’s a cop out because I’ve been writing quite a lot in other places. Maybe it was because I’ve known that it’s time to start sharing my wisdom outside of those safe spiritual circles, and there’s a part of me that is afraid of what people will think…

Whatever the reason, I let things go too long and a hacker slipped in, took over the site, and started sending spam. And I didn’t know the difference until my web server started showing up on various email blacklists, and some of my clients started having trouble getting their email delivered. Oops!

So now I’ve had to take the whole thing down and start rebuilding it from scratch. But there’s always a blessing in everything, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect because my life is full of new beginnings at the moment and it’s time for a whole new look and focus for my online expression. Please be patient with the new construction mess, and check back soon!