I’d been feeling a new voice wanting to speak through me for a couple weeks, and frankly, it scared the crap out of me. Did I dare let that come through? Was it real, or just my mind being dramatic? Would it be arrogant or presumptuous? And on and on, as silly human minds do.

A few days ago I felt my soul saying, “Let me talk.” So Romana and I sat together, and I allowed my soul to speak on behalf of the Divine, or I Am. What came through was a beautiful continuation of Receiving the Love of Soul, and a gentle and tender preparation of me for the dragon that I still needed to face. A couple days later I allowed the dragon to speak, and that will be the topic of my next post.

In the meantime, this message was not just for me. It is for anyone who is feeling the intense and strange energies of the times, and who would like a deeper experience of their own soul, or I Am. Here is the recording, and the text follows. If you enjoy it, please consider an energy exchange of whatever amount feels fair to you. (Length: 31:31)

Transcript of Recording

Soul: “Feel me. I’m always here.”

Channeled by John McCurdy on January 23, 2019

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I am that I am.

I am your divinity, your consciousness, the essence of who you are. And yes, if you are listening to this or reading this, and are resonating with this, then you have already joined your consciousness into this message, and I am speaking to you, as you.

I want to come back to our metaphor of a star, of a bright sun. Imagine it soft, not harsh. Warm, instead of hot. Warm and comforting. Bright, but not blinding. That is me.

Look at me.

Let go of everything you’re trying to accomplish in your life. Let go of all the things your mind is worrying about.

Just turn and face me. Look into my eyes.

They’re not human eyes like yours. Just feel me.

Look into my light. Feel it caress you, enfold you.

Feel my warmth, and my love for you.

Feel my light and my love as it swirls around you. Allow it to come right inside of you.

Yes, it will feel very feminine to you. Let it in, my dear human.

If you are willing, allow me to feel you.

Notice as I come closer. Notice that there is no longer any separation, any distinction, between you and this bright ball of light and love that is me.

Notice that there is no longer anything else around you.

Oh, your mind still senses the world around you, but it’s all inside of me. That means it’s all inside of you.

Feel my love. Feel my love for everything in your life, in your world.

It’s all our creation. By “our,” I mean our creation. There is no part of it that you got wrong.

Even now, you look around and you see the things that you don’t like in your life, and you think you did something wrong. My dear human, it was all in perfect, divine order!

There are reasons for everything in your life that the human may never understand, but it’s all about our experience. It’s all about our wisdom. The wisdom that comes from every experience and every lifetime you have ever had, that we have ever had.

So many times you thought you got all wrong. You thought you failed. And right now in this moment there are so many things in your life that you feel guilty for, so many people you think you have wronged or let down or disappointed somehow. But that’s only because you don’t see the bigger picture that I see.

You never actually let anybody down. Every one of those people is an actor on the stage of your own imagination. They chose to participate willingly, to act out a role for you, so that both of you could gain some wisdom, some experience. They chose to act the part of being disappointed, or of being hurt, so that you and they, whenever they are ready, could come to the realization that there is no such thing as hurt.

You are eternal. We are eternal. I am. I exist. There is no hurt. There is nothing wrong. There never has been. There is only an experience in the moment. There is only the experience you chose of forgetting, so that you could remember once again. So that you could have an experience, and then bring its wisdom back to your core, to me.

Feel me, dear human.

The problems in your life, the lack of money or whatever else you feel you don’t have enough of, things going on in your body, all these things, they’ve already worked out! They’re just experiences that you’re walking through in order to distill the wisdom.

Wisdom isn’t about the mind. Wisdom isn’t about learning what you did right and what you did wrong. It’s so much deeper than that.

Ultimately the wisdom is about the beauty. Each bit of wisdom is a thread in a beautiful tapestry. Each experience is a different color of the thread, and if you allow yourself to see your life through my eyes, you’ll begin to see the incredible beauty of that tapestry that we together are weaving.

You are going through so much right now, as the human. You are remembering. You’ve spent so long focused into this human reality, focused so tightly and so deeply that you blocked out all of your other senses. Now the senses are coming back, and they’re coming back while you keep at least a part of your focus in human, in human reality.

But your human doesn’t know what to do with all those senses. They make it a little crazy. Your body doesn’t know what to do with those senses. Ultimately it does, but it forgot, and they’re making it a little crazy too.

And yet, it’s what you chose. It’s an amazing, incredible process that’s taking place.

Can you trust me? Your own divine essence. Can you trust me enough to just let it happen? To allow your body to feel what it feels? To allow your mind to feel what it feels? Even when that’s just confusion? Even when your body is in pain?

Can you trust me enough to just let it be part of the process?

You’ve chosen to make this transition, to bring me, all of me, into your life. And I have chosen, for the first time in all of my incarnations, I have chosen to come into your life, if you allow me. And you’ve already made that choice.

It’s an intense, a very intense process. It causes pain in the human body at times, and in the human psyche and emotions. We’re doing this as gently as we can, and because you’ve asked for it, as quickly as we can. Can you trust the process?

Can you just let it happen?

Feel me!

Feel into this ball of light and love that is enveloping you, that is filling you. It’s me. You can call me your divine essence, your soul, your I am that I am, the sacred feminine, whatever you want. It doesn’t matter. Just feel me. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere, and you’ve already made this choice.

So even when you think that you’re disconnected from me, you’re not. You’re just back in that habit of thinking you did something wrong. When really, all you are feeling is an experience of our union. Of our union right here, in your human life on Earth. Can you just let it happen?

You can’t get it wrong. You can’t even keep me away if you try, because I’m you, and we together have already made this choice.

I’m right here. Feel me. Allow me.

See your life through my eyes. And remember, the way to tell that you’re looking through my eyes, is that in my eyes there is no judgment whatsoever. Of you, of anything or anyone else. There is just the wide-eyed, joyful experience of our creation.

Feel me. I’m always here. I’m always with you.

And so it is.

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