John McCurdy spent most of his life searching for the soulmate that would make everything better, and for how to create the life of grace, ease and freedom that he so longed for. Born and raised a fundamentalist Christian, he lost his religion at age 26 and finally began the inner journey that would eventually lead him home to himself, the one and only true soulmate, and to the answers to all his questions. Along the way he lost everything multiple times and had many intense and amazing experiences. And now at last, he is living that life of fulfillment, grace and joyful freedom.

As a guide on life’s journey, John leads and encourages the expansion and growth of those whom he coaches and teaches.  Known for his open heart, calm presence and laser-sharp clarity, he relishes the transformational moments when insight strikes, consciousness deepens and the I Am realizes itself. Through writing, workshops and personal coaching, John shares what he has learned along the way, and how simple it is to become a conscious creator and find ultimate fulfillment for yourself.